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Hospital Tag

In this game, players pretend they are wounded and go to the hospital to get fixed up.

We will play hospital tag at our pack meeting if there is time. This is just for fun. There won’t be a clear winner. This is just a fun way to burn off some energy

How to Play Hospital Tag


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  1. Define the play area.
  2. Designate one area just outside the boundary of the play area as the “hospital”.
  3. Remind the players to tag each other softly, not to push or shove.
  4. When play begins, they all run around trying to tag each other.
  5. If a player is tagged, he or she must put a hand on the spot which was tagged as if to stop the “bleeding” from the “wound”. He or she can continue to tag other players with the free hand.
  6. If a player is tagged a second time (has two wounds) he or she must use both hands to cover the wounds. This will make it impossible to tag someone.
  7. At any time, a player may go to the “hospital” and do five jumping jacks. Then he or she may return to the play area without any wounds.
  8. Play ends after a designated time.

More Resources

Tiger Tail Tag

Tiger Tail Tag is a human pinata game. In this game, the tiger throws candy when one of the youth catches it. If you want to go with a hospital theme, call the candy “medicine” and call the tiger a “doctor”. You can still do a tail, or you can just have them tag.

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