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Compilation of Scout Songs

Shawn sent in this question:

Is there a decent CD or iTunes album of Scout songs? I find the Cub and Boy Scout Songbook CDs quite lacking. A search turns up several Girl Scout albums, and few things on YouTube. The best compilation I could find is on YouTube, but this isn’t convenient to play in most situations and is missing songs such as Trusty Tommy or The Announcements Song. Thanks!

There is a digital Cub Scout songbook on Soundcloud which has songs from the official Cub Scout Songbook. It does not have some fan favorites like the ones you mentioned though. I’ve also come across this digital campfire compilation which includes a few classics and this set of songs which is especially good for Cub Scout aged kids. But I don’t know of a CD. Or even a collection on a service like Spotify.

I am not aware of any CD collection of Scout songs such as that, but perhaps there is a reader out there with a resource. Readers, any ideas? Add them to the comments below.

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Songs for Scouts

Songs for Scouts

Songs for Scouts are a fun way to add some fun to a meeting or to get everyone involved in a campfire program. Some of these songs for Scouts are silly. Some are repeat-after-me songs. Some get people up and moving. Others quiet everyone down. See a collection of songs on this site.

Cub Scout Song Book

Cub Scout Song Book

Are you looking for a printable songbook with classic songs for Scouts? Amy wrote me and asked me if I would post a Cub Scout song book she made to fill a ticket for her Woodbadge course. My answer was yes! It contains a lot of classics your pack will enjoy singing also.


14 responses to “Compilation of Scout Songs”

  1. Jen Avatar

    I don’t have a resource but i’m looking for something like this too. I’m new-ish to scouts and a new den leader and am surprised that there doesn’t seem to be anything like this available.

  2. sean mobley Avatar
    sean mobley

    I recorded a number of Boy Scout songs over some time at Camp Parsons, renowned by Scouting Magazine as one of the top summer camps in the USA. I also have a songbook that we distribute internally here. They currently reside in my OneDrive account and are shareable, but do you know a more secure way I might be able to help connect people to the resources?

    1. Catherine Avatar

      Hi, Sean! I would also like to play some Boys’ Scouts songs. Do you mind sharing with me too? Here is my e-mail address.

    2. Matt Avatar

      @sean, I’d be interested in having access to that! OneDrive is secure. Only share the files you want to share. Dropbox is another secure one.

    3. Kyan Avatar

      I am also interested in the songs and song book! Please let me know how this information can be shared. Scouts love songs.

    4. Ben Avatar

      Hi Sean,
      I’m hoping that you are still providing the songs that you spoke about. My address is Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    5. Talya Avatar

      We’re new den leaders too and would love this! It would be a huge help. Please send if still possible.


    6. Dirk Hilt Avatar
      Dirk Hilt

      Can you share the songs with me ?

    7. Miss Mary Avatar
      Miss Mary

      I’m also looking for songs, skits, and new projects I want some more ideas other than the standard ones took over my grandson’s Webelo den at 62 I want to refresh my Scouting menu. 😃

  3. Rochelle Avatar

    Hi Sean!!!! I am a new Cubmaster and would LOVE to have access to your Scout songs on your OneDrive account. Would you be willing to share them with me??

  4. Brian Avatar

    Sean, I would also like to play songs for the scouts. Did you find a good way to transfer or post them

  5. Michael Standing Avatar
    Michael Standing

    I’m a special needs explorer scout leader, and would like to have a copy from your OneDrive, I have this as well. Michael Standing GSL

  6. Ronda Avatar

    Hello: I realize this is an older thread..But there is still a big need for songs to travel with and sing along to. Did anyone find out a resource for a cd/itunes/ type of songs. Thank you.

    1. Miss Mary Avatar
      Miss Mary

      still looking for the same thing

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