Planning with Teenagers


When I was first approached to be the new Advisor for the Venturing Crew, our district executive warned me that teenagers don’t usually plan ahead. Boy was he right!

About six weeks ago our Crew officers met and made a plan for the next four months. That was great. But they have know that they are going on an activity this Saturday for several weeks now. One of the Associate Advisors has been working with the two young ladies in charge and gave them a list of what needed to be done. They just started working on it yesterday! And the email just went out to tell the Crew that there are plans for this weekend.

Now I like to plan ahead. So one of the most difficult parts of being the Advisor is not stepping in and taking over when the Crew leadership seems (to me) to to be putting things off to the last minute. But one of the main points of this program is to help young men and women develop leadership skills. So I just have to keep telling myself that if I don’t let them be in charge, I am taking that away from them. And to be honest, what they do usually seems to work out just fine. And if they make mistakes they learn from that also.

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