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Tigers or Eagles Cubmaster Minute (Responsibility)

I am still trying to decide what I think of the new Pack meeting plans put out by BSA. I liked the old program helps, especially for the pack meetings. They provided a lot of variety. When my husband was Cubmaster, there were many times when we just pulled out the program helps and used the Pack meeting plan from there.

This is a Cubmaster minute which is based on one of the old program helps plans. It goes well with October’s core value of responsibility.

Tigers or Eagles Cubmaster’s Minute


This month we focus on responsibility. Responsibility means helping others and taking care of ourselves.

Responsibility means we behave safely. It means we do chores, even when we don’t want to. It means we try to follow the right paths in life.

In our pack, responsibility means older boys teach and watch over our younger boys. Adults and parents need to watch over and guide all of our boys. The boys will always need our love and guidance, whether they’ve just started out as Tiger Cubs or flown all the way to become Eagles.

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