Cub Scout Archives: Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights Camera Action Theme
Here is what the program helps say about this theme:

“Let the spotlight shine on our Cub Scouts. Our Scouts spend many hours in front of the television set. Let’s put that to good use this month, and use it to promote positive values and a positive attitude. Create a very special red carpet event at this pack meeting, and every Cub Scout will feel like a star.”

Photo of boys

When I Was Young Gathering Activity

“When I Was Young” can be used as one of the gathering activities for any meeting centered around a history theme or a photography or cinema theme. This also works well for a Blue and Gold banquet.

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Photography Pin

Photography Pin for Cub Scouts

At the beginning of the month I posted the requirements for the Photography belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. If your Cub Scout enjoyed that activity, maybe he wants to learn more about photography by earning the pin also.

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