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Animal Science Merit BadgeCattle, horses, sheep, goats, hogs, poultry, and other domesticated animals are important to people for many reasons. They supply us with food and clothing, we use them for recreational purposes, they work with and for us.

Requirements for the Animal Science Merit Badge


Merit Badge Check Off List

I’ve had several requests lately for a newer version of the merit badge check off list, updated with the newest badges. So I’ve redone the list as a Google spreadsheet. This will make it easier to keep updated.

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Animal Science Merit Badge

Animal Science Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

The Animal Science merit badge is all about farm animals. We live in the suburbs, so this one isn’t even on the radar for the Scouts in our troop. But if you have Scouts from a rural area or if somebody who has a relative on a farm, this might be of interest to them.

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Requirements and Helps for Boy Scout Merit Badges

You can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as you earn merit badges. There are more than 100 merit badges.

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