Let It Grow Scouts BSA Nova Award (Food and Agriculture Science) Helps and Documents

Let It Grow Scouts BSA Nova Award

Let It Grow is the Scouts BSA Nova Award for investigating agriculture science. To earn this award, Scouts must complete one of the merit badges related to raising livestock or growing crops. Scouts will learn about where their food comes from and explore topics like weather, seeds, and microorganisms.

This award can be earned by young men and women who are members of Scouts BSA.

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for Let It Grow! Nova Award

Printable checkoff sheet for Let It Grow! Nova Award

Printable note sheet for Let It Grow! Nova Award

Grow your knowledge of agricultural science with these ideas and related achievements:

Science Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Science troop program feature encourages Scouts to ask and investigate questions about the world. They learn how to form a hypothesis and test it.

Nova Awards Program (STEM Award)

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The NOVA Awards program combines knowledge of STEM concepts with hands on activities.

Seed Neckerchief Slide Craft

Several years ago I attended a Cub Scout Pow Wow session on neckerchief slide crafts. They showed us a number of ways to make neckerchief slides from various materials.

Cooking Merit Badge Helps and Documents

Scouts learn about food safety, nutrition, and cooking techniques while working on the Cooking merit badge. They also have to plan , prepare, and cook meals at camp, at home, and on the trail. The Cooking merit badge is required for the rank of Eagle.

Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge Helps and Documents

Working on the Soil and Water Conservation merit badge helps Scouts learn about things like erosion, watersheds, aquifers, water pollution, and water treatment. They also learn about the importance of plants in soil and water conservation.

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