Nitro Transport Game

This is an initiative game for Boy Scouts and Venturers. Its purpose is to get a group to work together to solve a problem. This should build teamwork and cooperation in the group. There is no need to pit teams against each other. Let each group take it’s time figuring out how to work together. Don’t forget to leave time at the end for reflection. Let the team spend a few minutes talking about how they worked together.

Nitro Transport

Materials (for each team/patrol/group):

  • a 12 inch square board with 8 6 foot ropes attached (see diagram in the printable  instructions above). Attach the ropes by whatever means you choose. Drilling holes in the board and tying them on works well.
  • A small can – like a clean empty vegetable can or orange juice can
  • water


  1. Prepare the board and ropes before the meeting.
  2. Mark a starting point on the ground.
  3. Mark an ending point about 25 feet away from the starting point.
  4. Fill the can with water (“nitro”) almost to the top.
  5. Place the board on the starting point.
  6. Place the can of water on top of the board.
  7. Have the team pick up the board using only the ropes.
  8. They must transport the “nitro” to the ending point without spilling it.
  9. The team should keep working together to solve the problem.
  10. When time is up, the team should spend a few minutes reflecting on how the exercise went, what worked well, what didn’t work, etc.

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