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Category: Scouts BSA

  • Robotics Merit Badge for 2024

    Robotics Merit Badge for 2024

    ### Gearing Up for Robotics: The Path to the Robotics Merit Badge The Robotics merit badge is an exciting opportunity for Scouts to dive into the world of robots. This badge teaches you how robots work and how to build and program them. You will learn about different types of robots and the many ways…

  • Mathematics Troop Program Feature

    Mathematics Troop Program Feature

    The Introduction section of the Mathematics Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA emphasizes that this program is not a traditional classroom experience. Instead, it focuses on the practical applications of mathematics in everyday life and various professions. By participating in this program, Scouts will enhance their problem-solving skills and gain a deeper understanding of how…

  • Communication Merit Badge for 2024

    Communication Merit Badge for 2024

    Scouts learn about oral, written, visual, and digital methods of sharing information while working on the Communication merit badge. They share stories and information, participate in an interview, attend a public meeting, and plan a Court of Honor or campfire program. They also explore careers in the field of communication.

  • Scouts BSA Tenderfoot Rank for 2024

    Scouts BSA Tenderfoot Rank for 2024

    Tenderfoot is the rank a Scout can earn after Scout. The requirements for Tenderfoot introduce the youth to the skills he or she needs to get started in Scouts BSA.

  • Mentoring Troop Program Feature

    Mentoring Troop Program Feature

    The Mentoring troop program feature for Scouts BSA is a valuable resource that focuses on nurturing leadership and personal growth in Scouts. This program encourages experienced Scouts to share their knowledge and skills with newer members, fostering a culture of learning and mutual respect. Through various activities and discussions, Scouts engage in practical leadership experiences,…

  • Scout Rank for Scouts BSA for 2024

    Scout Rank for Scouts BSA for 2024

    Scout Rank is the first rank earned by a young man or woman upon joining a Scouts BSA troop. The Scout rank requirements help a new Scout learn the basics of Scouting and get them off on a good start on the path to Eagle Scout.