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Category: Scouts BSA

  • Water Sports Merit Badge

    Water Sports Merit Badge

    While working on the Water Sports merit badge, Scouts learn to safely enjoy sports such as water skiing or wakeboarding. They learn about the equipment needed to enjoy these sports and demonstrate their skills.

  • Camping Packing List

    Camping Packing List

    One thing new scouts (and new leaders) often ask the first few times they go camping is “What do I need to bring?” This camping packing list will help. Download a suggested list of personal camping gear.

  • Insect Study Merit Badge

    Insect Study Merit Badge

    Scouts learn about the identifying characteristics of insects while working on the Insect Study merit badge. They find out which insects are hazardous and how to avoid and respond to them, with first aid if necessary. Scouts observe a number of insects. They also explore career opportunities in fields related to insects.

  • Scouts BSA Star Rank

    Scouts BSA Star Rank

    Star is the Scouts BSA rank earned after First Class. With Star, the focus shifts from scout skills to leadership, service, and merit badges.

  • Merit Badge Checklist

    Merit Badge Checklist

    This merit badge checklist could be used by a scribe to keep track of which Scouts have earned which merit badges or could be used by an individual Scout.

  • Troop Program Features for Scouts BSA

    Troop Program Features for Scouts BSA

    By utilizing these troop program features, youth leaders can ensure that their troop program is well-rounded, engaging, and meaningful. The program features provide a structured framework that guides troop activities and ensures that Scouts have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics and develop various skills.