Scouts BSA Trivia Quiz

A Few BSA Trivia Questions

How well do you know the basics? Answer some questions about the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan, Motto, the meaning of the Scout Badge and more. And then find out if your answers are correct.

Use this to help with the requirements for the Scouting Adventure for Arrow of Light or for the Scouts BSA Scout rank.

Do you have a question which could be asked as a multiple choice question which you would like to see added? Suggest it in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Scouts BSA Trivia

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2 responses to “Scouts BSA Trivia Quiz”

  1. James Lehman Avatar
    James Lehman

    I like challenges like the Trivia quiz, but Your trivia quiz is faulty. 1) there is no “compass” on the Scout emblem. Do you mean the Fleur de Lis ? 2) I always say there are really FOUR parts of the Scout Promise . . Duty to God, duty to Country, Duty to oneself, and duty to others. I never could see how one’s duty to God and Country should be subsumed together, they are not the same, are they? Perhaps the four points of the traditional fleur de lis could be seen that way…. 3) The symbology involved thruout Scouting is of two types: “Official” (and that interpretation has changed over the years. Just compare today’s Handbook with some from the earlier times.) and “Unofficial”, which changes as the Troop leadership often changes. But you are to be commended for your Scouter Mom blog. See you on the trail.

  2. Ron Ellis Avatar
    Ron Ellis

    Almost 56 years in Socuting and I never heard of the “Kodiak Challenge” until today. If that’s you too,you may wish to visit (,using%20nature's%20examples%20of%20leadership.) as I just did!

    I also endorse James Lehman’s comments and especially points 1 & 2 as worth considering for minor but useful revisions.

    Yours in Scouting…

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