Fishing Merit Badge

Fishing Merit BadgeIn Scouting for Boys, Baden-Powell offers this advice: “Every Scout ought to be able to fish in order to get food for himself. A tenderfoot [beginner] who starved on the bank of a river full of fish would look very silly, yet it might happen to one who had never learned to catch fish.”

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for Fishing Merit Badge

Printable checkoff sheet for Fishing Merit Badge

Printable note sheet for Fishing Merit Badge

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Hobbies Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The Boy Scout Roundtable Planning Guide suggests a Hobbies feature for December 2011. So this month we’ll take a look at this feature in more depth. Some of the ideas in this program feature will also be useful to Cub Scouts and Venturers who are working on hobbies related programs.

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