Troop Service Project – Blood Drive Setup

Our troop was asked to help set up for a blood drive at our church this past weekend. The only hitch – it had to be set up by 7:30 AM! Getting Scouts to arrive that early can be difficult. It’s not necessarily the boys who are the hold up either. Many of the parents don’t enjoy getting up that early to drive them up there. Their solution –  spend the night.

So the troop had a lock in in the gym the night before. Midnight basketball is always fun for boys that age. They also had the meeting rooms available, so they set up a TV and a Wii. There were also card games and board games. And plenty of snacks of course.

The next morning, they got up about 20 minutes before the blood drive people arrived. They grabbed a quick breakfast and were ready to go. The set up itself only took about an hour. They mostly needed the Scouts to unload the equipment from the truck.

So the blood drive was set up on time. The Scouts who needed service projects for advancement got them. And they had a lot of fun in the process.

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