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Shoot The Gap Game

Shoot The Gap Game would also work as a team building game or ice breaker, since the participants must know the names of the other players.  It is active, so it is probably best played in a large open room, a gym, or outside.

You will need something to mark goal lines at the opposite ends of the playing area. You can also use natural boundaries, such as trees.

Shoot The Gap Game


  • boundary markers


  • Divide the players into two groups.
  • Explain the boundaries of play.
  • Choose one person to be “The Guardian”. This person guards “The Gap” which is the area between the goal lines.
  • The groups line up behind their goal lines.
  • The Guardian shouts the name of a person on one of the teams. (Be specific – there might be more than one Jim.)
  • Then the person whose name was shouted, shouts the name of someone on the opposite team.
  • As soon as the second name is called, both players whose names were called run into the Gap.
  • They try to get to the opposite goal, without being tagged by the Guardian. When they get there, they become a member of that group.
  • If the Guardian tags someone, then the person who was tagged becomes the new Guardian. The previous Guardian joins the group the tagged person was running toward.
  • Continue playing, making sure everyone gets a chance to participate.


A suggestion is that once a player has been called, he must step back from the goal line, so that his name is not called. Or you can say that they must do that after being called twice, or whatever rule you want to make up.


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