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Soccer Zipper Pulls

This month I am featuring a soccer theme.  If you want a craft to do with this theme, try making soccer themed zipper pulls. I’ve outlined a basic idea below, but you can get creative and change it up however you want. They can use the colored beads at the bottom to represent their school colors or the colors for their favorite team. You could also use this idea to make a keychain.

The materials are available at most craft supply stores.

Soccer Zipper Pulls

Soccer Zipper Pull CraftMaterials


  1. Cut a piece of cord at least 1 foot long.
  2. Use a half hitch to secure the middle of the cord to the lanyard.
  3. Add the beads. Start with the soccer ball at the top. Hold the bead so that the holes are on the left and right.
  4. Lace the bead by going in the left side with one end of the lace and the right side with the other. (See the diagram, but realize that the cord should not be that loose. That is just so you can get the idea of lacing.)
  5. Now add the next bead, starting to spell the name. The end which came out on the left side of the previous bead goes in the left side of the next bead. The end which came out of the right goes in on the right.
  6. Continue adding beads in this manner, spelling out your name and adding your team colors.
  7. After the last bead, tie it off with a knot  and trim the ends

Sometimes I put a little dot of hot glue at the knot to make sure it holds.

3 Responses to Soccer Zipper Pulls

  1. Jean September 18, 2011 at 11:47 AM #

    great idea! I am sucha visual person. Could you please post a picture of the finished project. Maybe even a couple of pictures during the making of. The rendition is a little tough to understand.


    • Scouter Mom September 18, 2011 at 12:19 PM #

      Sorry, we did this a while ago. It’s long gone. Just use the idea as a starting point and make anything you like. You really can’t go wrong with some beads and lacing.

  2. Stephen Johnson August 20, 2014 at 11:58 AM #

    This is a cool idea. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoy these type of functional crafts.

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