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BSA Bike Safety Guidelines

BSA has a list of bike safety guidelines on the site. The guidelines and procedures apply to all BSA unit, council, and national program activities involving bicycling.

If you follow the link above, you will see that many of the guidelines relate directly to the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety. Others are specific to cycling though. Here is a summary of some of the bike specific guidelines.

  • All cyclists must wear a properly sized and fitted helmet and appropriate clothing.
  • Cyclists must ride with traffic and watch out for hazards.
  • Cyclists must follow safety rules, including local regulations. They must never ride in an unsafe manner such as two to a bike or hitching to a vehicle.
  • Cyclists must use caution at turns and intersections.
  • Bikes must be appropriately sized and adjusted for the rider.
  • Bikes should have horns or bells and reflectors. Extra gear must be properly secured. Mirrors and water bottle mounts are recommended.
  • Bikes must be properly maintained.
  • Street racing is a hazard. Race only on a course which is free of vehicles and pedestrians and only with proper supervision.

For the complete list with all of the details, see BSA Bike Safety.


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  1. Hans Enders August 17, 2018 at 8:30 AM #

    Scouter Mom;

    BSA may have rearranged their site since you posted this. I located the Bike Safety list at this address (August 2018):

    I located this from the electronic copy of the full safety policy, under Sports:

    The list is relatively short, but the first item is to follow the BSA Sweet 16 for Safety, currently located at:


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