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Bike Hike Safety and Etiquette

Our Venturing Crew is going on a bike hike next Sunday, so we will be reviewing some bicycle safety and etiquette rules beforehand. This list is not all inclusive, but it is a good aid for a discussion before the outing. For the complete BSA bike safety rules, see the Bike Safety section of the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Bike Hike Safety and Etiquette

  1. Don’t go out without qualified adult supervision.
  2. Be aware of any physical conditions which could cause risks during the hike and report them to the adult in charge. The adult in charge should make adjustments if necessary.
  3. Always wear your helmet.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing.
  5. Stay with your buddy at all times.
  6. Ride a bike which is the appropriate size for you.
  7. Make sure your bike is in good working order beforehand. The tires should be properly inflated and the brakes should be checked.
  8. Ride with traffic, staying to the right of the path. But watch for hazards along the sides like gravel and drains.
  9. Obey all traffic laws and local ordinances.
  10. Only one person per bike.
  11. Do not hitch a ride on the back of any other vehicle.
  12. Do not try to perform stunts.
  13. Do not wear headphones. Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of what is going on around you.
  14. Look left, right, behind, and ahead before turning. Be wary of driveways and street entrances.  Walk your bike across intersections with heavy traffic.
  15. Be predictable. Don’t make sudden turns.
  16. Pass on the left. When passing, yield to slower and oncoming traffic. Use hand signals to alert those behind you. Watch out for pets and children. They can be unpredictable.
  17. Give an audible warning before passing. Sound your bell or horn or call out “Passing on your left!”. Watch the reaction of the person you are passing. Give them time to respond.
  18. Move off or all the way to the side of the trail when stopping.
  19. The group will have a hike leader and a hike tail. Never get ahead of the hike leader and never get behind the tail.
  20. Be courteous to others using the path. Watch out for pedestrians . Give them the right of way.
  21. Don’t block the trial. Never take up more than half of the width of the trail so you don’t impede the flow of traffic.
  22. Clean up after yourself. Don’t litter. Stash your trash.
  23. Listen to and follow the instructions of the adult in charge at all times.


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