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Bike Repair Tips

If you are going to ride a bike, you’d better make sure it is in good repair first. You don’t want to be riding along and have your front wheel fall off or your brakes not work. I found a great website called How To Fix Bikes which offers all sorts of advice on – drum roll… – how to fix bikes!

I’ve listed a few of the articles from the site which I think you will find most helpful below, but there is a lot more on the site. So if you need to repair your bicycle before your next Scout meeting, take a look around the site.

Regular bike maintenance routine
How to fix a flat tire
How to fix brakes
How to lubricate your chain
How to replace a chain How to adjust a bicycle seat


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  1. Gerry Lauzon Avatar
    Gerry Lauzon

    I’m so glad that my website is mentioned here. It is an honor for me to be considered. Enjoy the website.

    Gerry 🙂

    ps I was a Cub Scout instructor in my Wife’s pack a long time ago.

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