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Piranha Ball

Piranha Ball is a fun game which you can play in the shallow area of the pool or aquatics area. This makes swim time fun for those who are non-swimmers or beginners according to the BSA Swim Test.

So this is a good game to play if you have some kids in your group who are not strong swimmers. They can play this game in chest-deep water and still have a lot of fun. For swimmers who need more of a challenge, the group can go to deeper water and tread water while they play.

Piranha Ball


  • A ball which floats, such as a beach ball


  1. Have all of the players form a circle and hold hands.
  2. Place a ball in the middle of the circle. The ball is the Piranha.
  3. If the ball touches a player, that player is out. The remaining players rejoin hands to close the circle again.
  4. Continue playing until only one player remains.


  • Lowering your hands to let the ball out of the circle is not allowed.
  • You may blow the ball, try to make waves to move the ball,  or try to pull other players toward it.
BSA Swim Test

BSA Swim Test

Scouts and adults must pass the BSA swim test to take part in most aquatics activities. The test determines their ability levels so that supervises can determine which activities they can safely participate in.

Safe Swim Defense

Safe Swim Defense provides the steps which a BSA unit must take to safely participate in an activity which involves swimming.

BSA Aquatics Safety

Learn more details about the requirements for aquatics activities under the auspices of the BSA.


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  1. SLC Avatar

    Love the idea of getting a group of kids together to all play and earn their belt loop. Great idea.

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