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Knot Terminology

Knot terminology

The Terms

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Knots are a part of  Scoutcraft, but I have to admit that knots are not my strong suit.  I will learn a knot and be able to do it from memory, but then a few weeks later when I try to repeat, I find I need to learn it again. 

One thing I can remember is the knot terminology though. And I find it helpful to go over the terms with Webelos and Scouts before we start working on learning a knot. That way we have a common vocabulary to start with.

Basic Knot Terminology

While knot terminology is extensive (and not always consistent), these basic terms will help Scouts when they are learning knots:

line – the rope or string which is being worked with

hitch – a knot tied to a post or ring

bend – knot for joining two lines

lashing – a method of holding two or more spars or sticks together

whipping – binding the end of a line with a smaller line so it does not fray

loop – a line which crosses over itself to form a closed circle

standing end – the end of the line which is not being worked with

working end or running end– the end of the line which is being worked on or moved to develop the knot

wrap – wraps of rope around sticks or spars as part of a lashing

frap – perpendicular to wraps in a lashing, to tighten the wraps

Related Resources for Knot Terminology

Human Knot Game

This is an icebreaker in which a group must work together to “untie” themselves from a knot. This is a cooperative rather than competitive game.

Square Knot Song and Overhand Knot Song

Marianna from Pack 377 in Fort Meade, MD sent in these two songs which she made up to help teach her Wolves about square knots and overhand knots. She is an early childhood coach by day and a Den Leader by night so her den often learns with songs.


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