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Recycled Cereal Box Scrapbooks

Cub Scouts like to make scrapbooks with pictures and mementos. But you don’t need to go buy expensive scrapbooking supplies to make these cereal box scrapbooks with your den of active boys or girls.  Remember, their idea of a fun activity doesn’t always translate into a neat, perfect looking project. For them, half of the fun is doing it themselves.

Recycled Cereal Box Scrapbooks


  • one cereal box for each Scout
  • wrapping paper
  • brown paper bags
  • heavy yarn or string cut into two foot lengths
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • photos
  • markers
  • Construction paper
  • stickers and other small decorations
  • glue


  • Cut the top, bottom and one side from the cereal box. The front, back, and remaining side should all be in one piece.
  • Cover the outside of the cereal box with wrapping paper. Cut the paper to size and use glue to attach it.
  • Cut pieces of paper bag slightly smaller than the front of the cereal box. These will be the pages.
  • Punch two holes in the front of the cereal box (the front cover of the scrapbook).
  • Punch two holes in the corresponding locations on the back of the cereal box (the back cover of the scrapbook).
  • Punch two holes in the corresponding location on the “pages” you made.
  • Starting at the upper hole in the front cover, string the yarn through the hole, then through the top hole in each page, and through the top hole in the back cover. Then loop it around through the bottom hole in the back cover, the bottom holes in the pages, and the bottom hole in the front cover.
  • Tie the yarn in a knot or bow between the two holes in the front cover.
  • Glue the photos on the scrapbook pages.
  • Use the crayons or markers to write a caption on the page beneath each picture.
  • Decorate the pages


6 responses to “Recycled Cereal Box Scrapbooks”

  1. Julee Avatar

    Do you have a picture of a completed one?

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      Sorry, I don’t. I did this one a while ago and I doubt I would have taken a picture of it. I’m not much of a picture taker and most of the photos I’ve taken have kids in them so I don’t use them on this site.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am new to cub and I think your site it going to be VERY helpful.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Thank you so much for your ideas! I am a brand new Den Leader for a group of 12 and this is terrific!

  4. Proud2BScout Parents Avatar
    Proud2BScout Parents

    Hi, has anyone had a chance to try this project. We are new to scouting and loe the ideas that are posted here. I really would like to see how this project turned out, so I can show ideas to our scouts.

  5. Bryan Avatar

    We are doing this project tomorrow. I will take some pictures.

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