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Twig Picture Frame Craft

A twig picture frame craft is a DIY nature craft which can be made by Cub Scouts. This frame makes a nice gift for somebody special. It also can be used at a meeting about family heritage, to frame a family picture.

Make sure you explain to them to be careful with the hot glue. They might find using a hot glue pot and applying the glue with craft sticks is easier than using a hot glue gun. In either case, use the low temperature hot glue.

You can also do this project with younger Cub Scouts if you do the gluing for them.

A printable copy with illustrations is provided.

Twig Picture Frame Craft


  • 12 long, relatively straight twigs, about ¼ to ½ inch thick
  • Low temperature hot glue gun or a hot glue pot
  • twine
  • photo


  1. Remove any leaves from the twigs.
  2. Break six of the twigs into 11 inch lengths
  3. Break the other six twigs into 8 inch lengths
  4. Arrange the twigs as shown on the printable copy above, with the longer twigs across the top and bottom and the shorter twigs on the sides. The center opening should be slightly smaller than the size of the photo. If necessary, use a blank piece of paper the same size as the photo to help you space them correctly.
  5. Use the hot glue to tack the sticks together.
  6. Wrap the twine around the intersections of the sticks as shown. Make about three wraps around.
  7. Attach another piece of twine to the top to serve as the hanger.
  8. Attach the photo to the back of the frame.


3 responses to “Twig Picture Frame Craft”

  1. Mike Klosterman Avatar
    Mike Klosterman

    I was looking at the twig picture frame for my webelos den and the instrucitons refer to pictures. There are no pictures.


    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      Look in the article where it says: Printable copy of Twig Picture Frame Craft (includes illustrations). Click on the link in that phrase to see a graphical illustration of how it is put together.

  2. Linda Avatar

    Great idea. We will be working on Craftsman next month.

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