Cleanup Treasure Hunt

This time of year,  Tiger dens have usually gone through quite a few of the achievements and electives in the program. If you haven’t done a cleanup treasure hunt yet, then this is a good simple outdoor activity for your Tigers. They will really enjoy it.

This can be used to fulfill Tiger Elective 33.  The printable copy (see link below) includes a checkoff list for the Tigers to take with them Every time they find an item on the list, they can just mark it off.

If your group doesn’t handle competition well, then don’t have them compete against each other to find out who can find the most different things. You have to know your den. At this age, some dens thrive on competition and for others it just causes problems.

Printable copy of Cleanup Treasure Hunt

Cleanup Treasure Hunt


  • Plastic gloves for each participant
  • Two trash bags
  • Two “treasure” lists (see the next page)
  • Two pencils


  1. Divide the group into two teams.
  2. Give each team plastic gloves for each member, one trash bag, one copy of the treasure list, and one pencil
  3. They should walk around looking for the trash on the list. When they find a piece of trash, they should put it on the list and check it off.
  4. If they find something which is not listed, they can write it on the paper
  5. Set a time limit. When the time is up, the team with the most different types of trash wins.
  6. Separate out the recyclable things from the trash and dispose of everything properly.
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