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Wagon Train Audience Participation

The Wagon Train Audience Participation story is a perfect way to liven up any Cub Scout pack meeting. The story above is full of humor and absurdity, keeping the audience engaged throughout. The joke about the food not being good to eat is particularly amusing. However, it serves as a reminder that sometimes things don’t go as planned and that we need to persevere in the face of challenges.

The repeated phrases are a great way to get the audience involved in the story. It’s fun to shout out and adds an element of excitement to the story. These make the story interactive and engaging for everyone involved.

Audience participation stories are an excellent way to encourage teamwork and communication among Cub Scouts. They also help to build confidence and public speaking skills, as everyone has a chance to shout out their part. By involving everyone in the story, it creates a sense of community and unity within the group.

The Wagon Train Audience Participation story is an excellent addition to any Cub Scout pack meeting. It’s full of humor, absurdity, and encourages audience participation, making it a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Wagon Train Audience Participation

During the reading of the phrases below by the narrator, the audience should shout the associated phrase:

  • “Head out!” for Wagon Train
  • “Circle up!” for Challenge/Challenges
  • “Keep trying!” for Persevere/Perseverance
  • “Come and get it!” for Chuck Wagon
  • “Clippety clop! Clippety clop!” for Horse/Horses

The Story

Once, there was a young man who wanted to travel west to the frontier lands. He was aware that he would face Challenges along the way, but he was determined to Persevere. Thus, he purchased a Horse and joined a Wagon Train.

This Wagon Train was quite unique as it consisted of seven Chuck Wagons, each with a team of seven Horses. All the Horses were named Perseverance, and every Chuck Wagon had a cook called Cookie. While traveling with the Wagon Train, the young man expected to encounter Challenges, but he was puzzled as to why all the Horses for the Chuck Wagons shared the same name, Perseverance.

So he inquired of the man in charge of the Wagon Train, “Why are all the Chuck Wagon (pause) Horses named Perseverance?”

To which the man responded, “Well, on this Wagon Train, the biggest Challenge most people face is digesting the food from the Chuck Wagon. Nevertheless, we all know that we need to eat to keep our strength up, and so we named the Horses (pause) Perseverance to remind ourselves that even in the most difficult Challenges, we must keep trying and not give up. Just as with any other Challenge we face, we must Persevere to succeed.”

Why Incorporate Audience Participation?

By incorporating audience participation stories into pack meetings, it helps to build teamwork, communication, and confidence in all the Cub Scouts.

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