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CoEd Summer Camps for Scouts

The Question

A reader sent in this question:

I am trying to find a list of coed summer camps. My daughter joined BSA last year She attended the one from her council but would like to know other places. Thank you.

My Answer

Thanks for the question. With girls now participating in Scouts BSA, there are most councils should have at least one camping option for girls.

Some councils might run their camps with “girl weeks” and “boy weeks”. But other will have truly coed summer camps. In this case, a campsite would have only girls or only boys. Multiple units might share a site, but they would all be the same gender.

If your daughter is not attending with her troop, you will need to look into options for “provisional” camping. This is where youth from multiple units camp with a provisional leader. Some camps may offer this option while others will not.

Finally, if your daughter is 14 or older and is really interested in coed summer camps, she might want to look into the Venturing program in your area. This is a truly coed program, with young men and women working together in a single unit.

In Venturing, the campsites are also coed. When I was a Venturing Crew Advisor, we took our Crew to Swift Base, which is a Venturing summer camp. Our whole unit, young men and women, camped on the site together. So that is another option, depending on her age, or something to look forward to in the future.

Readers, what are your favorite coed summer camps for Scouts? Add your comments below.


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  1. H Rodriguez Avatar
    H Rodriguez

    In Puerto Rico we have Guajataka Scout Reserve that is coed for all programs during summer weeks. Boys and girls troops same weeks.

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