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Venustas Heated Jacket Review

The nice people at Venustas sent me a heated jacket to review. After trying it out, all I can say is “Wow! I think I am in love. Heated jacket, where have you been all my life?” This is the perfect coat for those who love outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping.

The model they sent to me is the Venustas Heated Jacket 7.4V for Women. In addition to jackets, they also have heated vests, hoodies, gloves, and even heated long underwear.

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I’m going to give some specifics about the design first. Then I’ll tell about my overall experience of wearing the heated jacket.


heated jacket 1

The jacket is very comfortable. It has a waterproof nylon outer shell. It also has a detachable hood which you can zip on or off. The zipper on the hood and the one on the front seem very high quality.

The filling of the jacket is 90% down and 10% feather, which is extremely soft and warm. It is puffy without being overly fluffy. 🙂 The inside is lined with a mylar thermal material, which is also soft and flexible. This seems to conduct heat well to the interior.

Washing instructions are to place in a mesh bag and wash in cold water in your machine on delicate. Obviously, you should remove the battery before washing. Line dry.

Heating Panels

There are four heating panels on the front – two on each side, top and bottom. And there is an additional heating element on the back.

heating panels

One nice thing about the front heating panels is that they are right behind the pockets. So if your hands are cold, you can just put them in your pockets and get that extra warmth on them also.

A circular button on the upper left chest of the coat controls the heat level. You turn it on and off by pressing and holding the button for about a second. A quick push of the button cycles through the three heating levels. It is easy to operate.

The color of the button indicates the heat setting:

  • Blinking red is preheating.
  • White indicates low heat.
  • Blue is medium
  • Red is high.

The preheat mode lasts for about five minutes, but the warmth is noticeable as soon as you start preheating. When it is finished preheating it automatically changes to low (white). At that point, you can select a different heat level by pressing the button.

The low setting is nice for taking the chill off. Medium seems to work well for when it is brisk outside and you really want the jacket to warm you up a bit. High is for those cold days when you just can’t seem to stay warm on your own. The nice thing is that you can adjust the temperature up and down as needed with just a push of the button.


The battery for the heated jacket slips into an inside front pocket. There is a small cord there which you plug the DC output into. I don’t notice the battery when I am wearing it. It didn’t seem heavy at all. It is similar to carrying your cell phone around in your pocket.

heated jacket battery

The battery is charged via a USB-C port. It takes approximately 6 hours for the the battery to charge from completely empty to full. I do this overnight. This is nice for camping when you might have access to a USB power source but not a wall outlet.

Venustas reports the battery life between charges as

  • High: 3 hrs
  • Medium: 6 hrs
  • Low: 10 hrs

These numbers are consistent with my use of the jacket.

One thing I like about the battery is that it has a numeric readout of what percentage charge remains. So I don’t have to guess what the bars are telling me. It is much more precise.

An added feature of the battery is that it has a USB output so you can charge a cell phone or similar device. Of course, this will reduce how long your charge lasts.

Overall Impression of the Venustas Heated Jacket

heated jacket 2

My honest review of this heated jacket is that it is an amazing addition to my outdoor apparel. It has quickly become my favorite coat. It is cozy and warm, and I love that I can adjust the heating level in changing conditions. I like it for walks around the neighborhood and for longer hikes in the outdoors.

I highly recommend this product.

Do you have a question about the heated jacket? Add it to the comments below, and I’ll do my best to give you an honest answer.

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