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Conservation and Ecology Cheers and Applauses

Cheers and applauses are brief energizers for meetings and events. These conservation and ecology cheers would fit in well with any pack meeting or den meeting focused on protecting our world.

Conservation and Ecology Cheers and Applauses

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Cheer

Divide the audience into three sections. When you point to the first section, they yell “Reduce!” When you point to the the second section, they yell “Reuse!” When you point to the third section, they yell “Recycle!” Continue pointing, going faster and faster.

Solar Power Cheer

Use your hands and arms to make the circle above your head to represent the sun, then say “Solar Power Up!” while pointing to the sky

Noise Pollution Cheer

Everyone yells as you raise your hands. As you lower your hands, the noise goes down. Continue raising and lowering. Then put your hands very low until everyone is completely quiet.

Wind Power Applause

Use one arm and hand to make a large circular motion like a windmill turning, while everyone makes a wind sound like “Whoooo, Whooo, Whooo”.

Clean Air Cheer

Breathe in a deep breath of air. Then exhale saying “Ahhhhh….” Finish with “Clean air!”

Ocean Waves Cheer

Stand in rows. Have the first row sway one direction and the second row in the opposite direction to imitate waves. Continue the pattern or the rest of the rows. Once they get the pattern right, have them say “Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh”.

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