What’s In the Bag Game

This is a simple game which can be adjusted for any meeting theme. Substitute different words spelled out on the bags. For example, use “SPACE” for a spaced-themed meeting or “RAINDROP” for a weather themed meeting. You could also try to have the items in the bag match the theme.

Use this game as an activity at a den meeting. Since most ages will be able to understand the concept, it could also be used at a pack meeting. It would make a nice gathering activity or something fun to do at the end of a meeting.

What’s In the Bag Game


  • Paper bags
  • One object for each letter
  • One card or sheet of paper for each scout
  • Pencils


  1. On eight paper bags, print one letter of the words BOYS LIFE. (Or use a different word or phrase and adjust the number of bags.
  2. In each bag, place an object which begins with the letter written on the bag.
  3. Seal the bags with tape or staples.
  4. Line up the bags on a table so they spell out the word or phrase written on the bag.
  5. Give each scout a card or sheet of paper and a pencil.
  6. Have each scout write BOYS LIFE (or the word or phrase you used) vertically on the card so he has a place to write something for each letter. (You might want to have a sample card to show them.)
  7. Let the scouts feel and shake the bags, but not look inside.
  8. Have them write down next to each letter what they think is in the bag marked with the letter.
  9. After a set amount of time, reveal what is in each bag so they can see how many they guessed correctly.

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