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Easy Neckerchief Slide Holder Project

Making and collecting neckerchief slides is a Scouting tradition. A neckerchief slide holder will help keep them organized. This project is easy to put together and useful.

How to make a neckerchief slide holder


  • Safety glasses
  • One sheet of pegboard
  • Pencil
  • Yardstick or ruler
  • Hand saw
  • Sawhorses or something to place the pegboard on while sawing
  • Metal coat hanger
  • Wire snips or cutters


  1. Review safety rules
  2. Using the ruler and pencil, measure and mark a one foot by two foot section on the pegboard.
  3. Put on safety glasses.
  4. Place the pegboard on the sawhorses. Have an adult help hold the board.
  5. Carefully use the hand saw to cut the section out of the pegboard.
  6. Use the wire snips to cut the bottom section of the coat hanger, near the middle.
  7. One of the narrow ends of the pegboard will be the top of your neckerchief slide holder. Insert one of the sides of the coat hanger (where you just clipped) into one of the holes on the top left of the pegboard.
  8. Twist the coat hanger end so it can’t come back out of the hole.
  9. Insert the other side of the coat hanger into one of the holes on the top right side of the pegboard.
  10. Twist the coat hanger end so it can’t come back out of the hole.

Now you are ready to display your neckerchief slides. Use short pieces of string or twist ties to attach your neckerchief slides to the board.


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