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Troop Meeting Plan Worksheet

About Planning with Youth Leadership

Many Scouts BSA Troop elect a new Senior Patrol leader and Patrol Leaders every six months. After they are elected, they need to make a plan for what the troop will do during their term.

There are numerous ways that Scouts BSA Troops handle planning. Some start by having a meeting with the leaders and doing a rough plan of the next six months. Then, at monthly Patrol Leaders Council meetings, all they have to do was decide who was responsible for contacting people, bringing materials to the meetings, etc.

Another plan is to have an overnight campout for leaders only, but sometimes that can be difficult to schedule if your troop already camps once or more per month. So the youth leaders might just have to sit down in a meeting room and get it done. If your long term planning meeting looks like it will be long, you can also turn it into a youth leadership pizza and soda party.

One thing which can help is to have a blank meeting troop meeting plan worksheet template for the youth leaders to fill out their plans on. A printable copy is shown below. This is just an example. You can easily make up your own to fit the needs of the troop.

Weekend Campout Planning Guide

Your leaders might also find it helpful to have a campmaster for the monthly campout. This campout planner will help troop members share the load of gathering supplies and getting ready for that monthly camping trip.


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