Planning with Boy Scout Youth Leadership

The Boy Scout troop has elected a new Senior Patrol leader and Patrol Leaders. When I went to Scoutmaster training, I learned that there are numerous ways that Boy Scout troops handle planning. For our last leadership term, we started by having a meeting with our leaders and doing a rough plan of the next six months. Then, at our monthly Patrol Leaders Council meetings, all they had to do was decide who was responsible for contacting people, bringing materials to the meetings, etc.

Our original plan had been to do the planning at an overnight campout for leaders only, but we couldn’t come up with a weekend which worked for enough of the youth leaders and adults. Maybe that’s because the troop is already camping one and sometimes two weekends a month! So the meeting was a little long – almost three hours – but we did turn it into a pizza and soda party and the youth leaders thought it went well.

So I think that is what we will do again this time. One thing with helped was to have a blank meeting plan template for them to fill out their plans on. You can get a printable copy of what we used below.

Printable copy of   Troop Meeting Plan Worksheet

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