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Mosquito Netting for Summer Camp

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Why Use Mosquito Netting?

mosquito bar

How do Scouts and Scouters survive buggy nights in open-air platform tents? The A-frame canvas tents have been used by generations of Scouts but are open to bugs and lots of other critters. The older Scouters used to suspend a mosquito bar over their cot for mosquito netting. It takes several minutes and a little bit of ingenuity to figure out where and how to tie the strings to suspend the netting. The mosquito bar is very light, easy to pack and only costs about $19 but mosquitoes can still come inside the netting through the gaps in the floorboards.

PVC frame

The younger Scouters use mosquito netting draped over poles topped with tennis balls. The more-handy parents like Jim make a PVC frame which costs about $20. So total cost with netting is about $39 (not including time spent and tools required for
making the frame). However, Jim admits that he got several bites on his legs where his fan was not pointing to.

He needed two fans inside the mosquito netting and he also got a Thermacell device for another $20 to be bite free. Plus if you factor the cost of lost poles, tennis balls and PVC pipes every year, the cost will go up.

Now Scouts and Scouters can enjoy sound sleep with the SansBug pop-up mosquito net tent. There are no poles to join, strings to suspend or knots to tie for the mosquito netting. All you do is slide off the elastic strap and toss up and it pops open into shape!

SansBug mosquito netting for Scouts
bionic basil

The SansBug is completely enclosed with a sewn-in floor and a zippered door. It is also wide enough to comfortably sleep without worry of touching the sides and being bit through the mesh. “First time he came home without bites” and “Best $50 spent” are common themes in the reviews.

Since lots of kids have bug issues, the SansBug has helped thousands of Scouts brave through camp to reach the rank of Eagle.

The SansBug has also been used by the military in Afghanistan, doctors in the Amazon and researchers in Madagascar. Plus, when you’re not using it at summer camp, it can moonlight as a cat tent for calm cats to enjoy the outdoor or a giant insect terrarium to rear monarch butterflies! It can even protect you from bug bites when you’re working towards your bird study merit badge:

“I use mine daily and it allows me access to areas out here on Cape Cod where the horseflies, mosquitos and ticks render whole tracts of land otherwise inhospitable without the SansBug! As an amateur birder, I can honestly say the SansBug enhances birding experiences and it gives me access to every species out here, even in the marsh!”

By using coupon code scouts100 on, units can save $100 if they buy a carton of ten 1-person tents!  The unit can get a count of everyone who wants a SansBug and one person can make the purchase.

Your unit can also sell SansBugs as a fundraiser. These tents are returns from other customers; most returns are brand new, and units can sell them at a discounted price. Units will not need to pay upfront and when they are sold, units can keep half of the proceeds.  Recycling gear is a great way to help the environment, and you would be raising funds at the same time. Contact for more information.

Mosquito Netting Demo Video

Watch the demo video to see how easy the mosquito netting for scouts pops open and folds back up.


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  1. Patrick Avatar

    This is great. I was just looking for this. First time summer camp coming up. Any other recommendations? Foot locker recommendation?

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      Here are two options. I have always used a no-frills locker. They don’t make the model I have anymore, but this Plano foot locker is similar. If you prefer one with compartments, I some people like to use a trunk organizer type solution.

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