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How to Make Coffee at Camp

A Scout mom asked this question in our Scout Moms, Dads, and Leaders Facebook group

I’m a relatively new Scout Master. I’m experimenting with minimizing my camping kitchen gear. I only have a Toyota Rav 4 and storage space is a premium. I also have a bad back, so I’m trying to lighten my equipment. Question: Can I get away with a single burner? Will it make a cup of coffee just as conveniently as a two burner. My morning coffee is they real test. What ideas and items do you have for minimizing equipment during scouting camp trips?Let’s edit this a bit… weekend camping trip to local scout camps or camporees, the boys will bring those giant wooden patrol chuck boxes (Scout built). we can carry from car to campsite a hundred feet away. They hold so much, but they weigh a ton. I have my own kitchen equipment for adults at camp, but I want to figure out how to minimize the shear amount, size and weight of all the stuff in a chuck box, maybe even eliminate the chuck box, without reducing myself to a pocket rocket and single serve cup… I usually share with 2-3 other adult chaperones.

The members of the Facebook group had several suggestions on how to have a few comfort items while packing light

Use a Jetboil flash stove and single serve coffee packs (the ones like tea bags)

Boil water on your fire or camp stove and use a pour over coffee pot with a filter or a collapsible coffee dripper

Use a small coffee press to make one cup at a time. This takes less water (and heat) than a peculator setup.

Although I am not a huge fan of k-cups because they are not environmentally friendly, you can get a single cup pump-style press which accepts a k-cup. Instead of using the single-use k-cups, consider using a refillable k-cup filter.

Readers, what are your ideas for coffee at camp which let you fit all your gear in a little car? Add your comments below.


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