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Award Check List

Reader Jes asked

Do you happen to have an award check list like your Merit Badges? I love your format and would love to either have or put together a template.

Jes, I do not have one, but you could certainly create your own using a program such as Word or Excel. The most difficult part would be coming up with the list of awards to include. I am not aware of any comprehensive list of awards available.  Part of the difficulty is that awards can be specific to a faith, interest area, region, or council. There is a good list to start with at Awards Central on the website.

Section 3 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia  might also be helpful in coming up with a list.  There are a lot of religious emblems available. In addition, some faiths offer additional supplemental awards programs. See the supplemental religious awards programs from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting for an example. There are also lists of awards specific to Cub Scouts,  Scouts BSA, and Venturers.

Because there are so many different awards available, I’d suggest looking and the lists and deciding which ones are most relevant to your program. Set some goals for which ones you’d really like to see your Scouts earn. And then make a checklist based on that criteria.


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