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Sweet 16 of BSA Safety – Weather Safety Check

Understand Hazardous Weather

BSA Safety describe the measures we should use at all Scouting activities. Weather safety is one of those considerations. The ninth point of the Sweet 16 is Weather Check .

We’ve seen a lot of crazy weather over the last few months, so hopefully everyone knows to use their heads about the weather. It is important to know the difference between uncomfortable weather and hazardous weather. We don’t want to cancel every time there is a chance of rain, but we do need to find out if those storms heading our way could include lightening or could spawn tornadoes.  

Weather safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. BSA provides a great online course for learning about hazardous weather. Check my article Weather Hazards Online Training for more information.

Sweet 16 of BSA Safety: Weather Check

From the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety on the website:


The risk factors in many outdoor activities vary substantially with weather conditions. These variables and the appropriate response should be understood and anticipated.

Weather Hazards Online Course

This is really the first line of defense in being prepared for weather hazards. If you are taking Scouts on outdoor activities, you need to be prepared by taking this course.

Avoiding Hypothermia During Cold Weather Activities

Sometimes weather conditions can change rapidly. Be prepared for cold weather and know how to recognize the danger signs.

Is Cold Weather Camping Appropriate for Cub Scouts?

A reader asks about taking Cub Scouts cabin camping in cold weather.

Scouts BSA First Class Nature Requirements

Scouts BSA who are working on their First Class rank must learn about weather safety.


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