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Animal Match Game: When Does It Sleep?

One of the requirements for the Lion Fun on the Run adventure is “Understand the importance of rest.” A suggested activity for this requirement is to discuss nocturnal and diurnal animals and play a matching game. I have made a set of cards to help you with this.

The diurnal and nocturnal animals match game card set includes some animals which sleep at night and some which sleep during the day. There are also moon and sun pictures, some with the matching animal and some plain. You can choose how to use these based on your knowledge of your den. Here are some ideas:

  • Match the animal with the corresponding sun or moon with that animal on it. (This is the easiest)
  • Match the animal with either the plain sun or plain moon.
  • Play concentration with the cards.
  • Play “Go Fish” with the cards. Print two sets and use the animal cards and the animal/sun or moon cards so they can make a set of four.

You should also discuss the importance of rest. Even though these animals sleep at different times, they all need to sleep to be healthy.

I am sure there are other creative ways to use these. Add your suggestions to the comments below.


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