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S bar F Scout Ranch Grace

Our council has several properties, but the one most Scouts BSA attend for summer camp is S bar F Scout Ranch. There are three Scout camps at S bar F – Camp Gamble, Camp Sakima, and Camp Famous Eagle. There is also Swift Base, which runs coed summer camps for Venturers.

This is the S bar F Ranch grace. I will mention that at one point we had an SPL who took issue with the words Great Spirit and replaced them with Lord. But  our other Scouts had no problem with it, saying that Great Spirit was another name for the Creator.

The S bar F Ranch Grace

For the gifts of food and freedom
and hills to roam,
for crimson sunsets,
for the earth, our home.

For the stars at night
and gentle wind in trees,
we thank you, Great Spirit,
for all of these.


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