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Blue and Gold Banquet in August

A reader sent in this question:

Our cubmaster refuses to do Blue and Gold before Aug. Technically the new year starts June 1st…shouldnt these kids earn their advancements prior to then. Anything they do over the summer would be done as their next rank but yet they are not being awarded that rank for months.

So there might be a few things to talk about here…

Cub Scouts should be presented their ranks as soon as they earn them. There is no need to wait for the Blue and Gold banquet. If they earn Wolf at the end of February, they should be presented with it in March. They can continue completing extra adventures after they are presented with their rank patch.

While traditionally many packs hold their Blue and Gold banquets in February, they can actually be held any time during the year. They are a celebration of the Cub Scout program and everyone who makes it possible. So while it is a little unusual to hold it in August which is closer to the start of the program year, it can be done.

It is also not unusual to also hold a crossover ceremony for Webelos who are moving on to Scouts BSA troops at the Blue and Gold banquet. But once again, this is not a requirement The crossover can be held at a different event.

So while there is nothing “wrong” with having a fun party for the pack in August, holding off on presenting recognition for achievements seems unfair to me. The Cub Scouts should be presented with pins, belt loops, and patches as soon after they earn them as possible.

Readers, what do you think? Add your comments below.


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