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Defining and Prioritizing Scouts BSA Youth Leadership Positions

This month the youth members of our troop will select new leadership positions. It is helpful to have a description of each position so the youth members know what the expectations are for each position. Are they really going to fulfill every single expectation 100% ? Some youth will not, but at least they will have a goal to aim for.

In our troop we also have an order we fill the positions. This is because we were having trouble filling some positions like Troop Guide and even Patrol Leader in some cases. But we always had a Librarian and an OA Troop Rep.  Since our troop is small, we need some of the positions filled more than others. So we will not fill positions further down the list until the most critical positions are filled.

Troop Youth Leadership Positions (Includes a description of expectations for each position)

Order Positions Are Filled

This is just an example. Change it to fit your own troop’s needs.

To meet our troop leadership needs, some positions must be filled before others. The position of Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is always open to any qualified applicants. Existing Den Chiefs may continue working with their assigned dens.

Other positions will be filled in this order:

These positions must be filled first:
Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

After SPL and ASPL are filled, scouts may apply for these positions:
Patrol Leader (one for each patrol)
Chaplain Aide

If Chaplain Aide is filled and the member’s patrol has a Patrol Leader, then the scout may apply for one of these positions:
Den Chief
Troop Guide

After Instructor and Troop Guide are filled and all dens in the Pack who want a Den Chief have a Den Chief, scouts may apply for one of these positions:
OA Troop Representative

After Quartermaster, OA Troop Rep, and Scribe are filled, scouts may apply for one of these positions:
Leave No Trace Trainer

If a scout already has a position, he may also apply for a second unfilled position which is anywhere further down the list. No scout may hold more than two positions at one time. Scouts holding two positions should understand that they are expected to fulfill all of the duties of both positions to the best of their ability, but the position higher up the list takes priority.


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