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Arrow of Light Centerpieces

Janice recently wrote to me with this message:

I need your help! I’ve been assigned to help put together our Arrow of Light ceremony / banquet. I’m at a loss as to what to do for centerpieces. We’ll have over 10 tables and we don’t want to make it look too “blue and gold.” Any ideas that you may have could really help me out a lot!

Sometimes simple centerpieces are the best. For an Arrow of Light themed centerpiece, why not go with arrows and light? One of the nicest AOL centerpieces I saw were some pillar candles with some arrowheads scattered around. The Scouts took the arrowheads home as party favors. You could use something like these or find something less expensive locally:

Set Of 50 Indian Arrowheads – Agate

You could also attach the arrowheads to the pillar candles. Either way, Webelos will appreciate the more “grown up” look of these centerpieces.


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