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Toasted Chit Pressurized Fuel Training

Our council has a “Toasted Chit” training for pressurized fuel use. I think this is a local requirement, but I thought the organization of the material might be helpful to anyone doing pressurized fuel instruction. So keep that in mind when reading.

Adults in our council are required to attend Toasted Chit training every three years and it must be conducted by a council approved trainer. So reading this should not be considered a replacement for official council training if your council has similar requirements.

Once trained, adults can train and supervise youth members. I get the feeling that our council actively discourages the use of pressurized fuel except in specific situations. I heard the suggestion that we use the “abundance of downed wood” in our area several times when I attended the training this past fall.

What I am giving here is just the outline. The actual training took about an hour.

If you are teaching others about the use of chemical fuels, you should also look at the Chemical Fuels and Equipment section of the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Toasted Chit

Three most important things to remember: Safety, Safety, Safety

T for Training

  • A minimum of one TRAINED adult to supervise
  • One mistake and TRAINED toasted chit should be revoked

O] for Operation

  • Know the OPERATION of the equipment you are using
  • The refueling OPERATION for the equipment shall be 20 feet from the cooking area
  • Before putting any stove in OPERATION, it shall be checked for leaks

A for Area

  • Keep the cooking AREA free from Scout games
  • Store fuel in a well ventilated AREA that can be secured
  • Must have 4 feet open AREA above any equipment

S for Safety

  • For SAFETY, one trained adult minimum
  • A fire extinguisher should be present for SAFETY
  • Never leave fuel or equipment unattended

T for Test

  • TEST each other on the correct rules to follow
  • TEST all connections fore leaks with bubbles before lighting
  • TEST to make sure the flame is lit

E for Equipment

  • Know the EQUIPMENT you are going to be using
  • Read the EQUIPMENT operating instructions

D for Done

  • When DONE, allow equipment to cool
  • Remove pressure when DONE
  • Store equipment safely
  • When you have reviewed TOASTED and followed the safety guide, you are DONE


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