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Leaf Collection Craft

Cub Scouts are natural collectors, and they love exploring the great outdoors. As Scout leaders, you play a crucial role in nurturing their curiosity and passion for nature by guiding them through exciting and educational craft projects. This leaf collection craft combines the joy of collecting with the beauty of nature.

Not only is it a fun and engaging activity, but it also serves as a great way to catalog and showcase a collection of leaves for those interested in science fair projects.

By embarking on this creative journey, your Cub Scouts will not only develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world but also learn essential skills such as attention to detail, teamwork, and artistic expression. So, gather your materials and get ready for an exciting crafting adventure with your Cub Scouts!

How to Display a Leaf Collection


Before you start the project, make sure you have the following materials ready:

  • 2 pieces of construction paper for the front and back covers
  • Leaves (fresh leaves work better than dry ones)
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut the Construction Paper: Begin by cutting the construction paper into a size suitable for the front and back covers. An 8-inch by 8-inch size generally works well for this project.
  2. Decorate the Cover: Let your creativity shine! Encourage the Cub Scouts to decorate the cover with their names or drawings. This personal touch will make the collection book even more special.
  3. Prepare the Contact Paper: Cut two pieces of contact paper, roughly the same size as the cover. Contact paper will protect the leaves and keep them in place.
  4. Arrange the Leaves: Carefully peel the backing off one of the pieces of contact paper and lay it flat on a table, sticky side up. Arrange one or more leaves on the sticky side, leaving at least an inch of space between the leaves and the edges of the contact paper. Avoid placing the leaves too close to the edges.
  5. Seal the Leaves: Peel the backing off the second piece of contact paper. Now, carefully place the sticky side of this second piece over the first, sandwiching the leaves in between. This step might require an extra pair of hands to ensure a smooth and neat sealing process.
  6. Trim the Edges: Once the leaves are neatly sandwiched between the contact paper, trim the edges to make them neat and uniform.
  7. Assemble the Book: With all the “pages” ready, stack them between the front and back covers. Staple them together along one edge, securing the pages in place.

Helpful Tips:

  • The trickiest part of this project is putting the sticky sides of the contact paper together. If you find it challenging, you can use construction paper instead for the second piece, though this means you’ll only be able to see one side of the leaves.

Crafting a leaf collection is a wonderful way to engage Cub Scouts with nature while nurturing their love for collecting. Through this simple and fun project, they can explore the great outdoors, learn about different types of leaves, and create a personal keepsake to cherish. Moreover, for those interested in science fair projects, this collection book can serve as an excellent way to catalog and display their leaf collections. So, get ready to inspire the young minds of your Cub Scouts with this exciting nature craft! Happy crafting!

Crafting Connections: The Importance of Creative Projects in Scouting

Engaging in creative projects like the leaf collection craft is vital in Scouting. These hands-on crafts nurture essential skills and a sense of community through holiday-themed creations. Crafting tools and neckerchief slides fosters resourcefulness and pride. STEM projects encourage curiosity and innovation, preparing Scouts for future leadership roles. Beyond artistry, these projects shape young minds, strengthen bonds, and promote personal growth. Encouraging creativity helps Scouts express themselves and develop into well-rounded individuals ready to face the world’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Leaf Collection Craft

What is the Leaf Collection Craft?

The Leaf Collection Craft is a fun and educational project that allows Cub Scouts to create a personalized book to showcase and preserve their collection of leaves. It involves arranging leaves between sheets of contact paper, which act as protective covers for the leaves, creating a unique keepsake.

What materials do we need for this leaf collection craft?

To make the Leaf Collection Book, you’ll need 2 pieces of construction paper for the front and back covers, leaves (preferably fresh ones), contact paper, scissors, and a stapler. Optional materials include markers or crayons for decorating the cover.

Can we use dry leaves for this leaf collection project?

While fresh leaves work better for this craft, you can still use dry leaves if they are relatively well-preserved. However, fresh leaves tend to stick better to the contact paper, making them a preferred choice.

Is this leaf collection craft suitable for all ages of Scouts?

Yes, the Leaf Collection Craft is suitable for Scouts of all ages. Younger Scouts may need more assistance with cutting and assembling, while older Scouts can handle most of the steps independently.

Can we use other items besides leaves for this collection craft?

Absolutely! While the craft is designed for leaf collections, you can get creative and use other flat and thin nature items, such as flowers or pressed plants.

How do we seal the leaves inside the contact paper for this leaf collection craft?

To seal the leaves, carefully peel the backing off one piece of contact paper, arrange the leaves on the sticky side, and then cover them with another piece of contact paper, sticky side down. Press the two pieces together, enclosing the leaves in between.

Are there any alternatives to contact paper for sealing the leaves for the leaf collection?

If you find it challenging to seal the contact paper, an alternative is to use construction paper for the second cover. However, keep in mind that this will only allow you to see one side of the leaves.

How can we expand on this leaf collection craft for more learning opportunities?

You can turn this craft into a learning experience by encouraging Scouts to research the leaves they collect. Learn about tree identification, leaf shapes, and different species. This way, the craft becomes an educational journey through nature.


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