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Sharks and Minnows

Here is a game to go with an aquatic theme. It can be used at your pack pool party or at a meeting focused on swimming skills.

This is  a simple version of the game. There are many, many variations and some groups add “house rules” as well.

Sharks and Minnows

  1. Select one person to be the shark. Everyone else is a minnow.
  2. The shark goes to one side of the pool and shouts “Sharks and Minnows, one two three, minnows, minnows, swim to me!”
  3. The minnows begin to swim from the other side of the pool.
  4. The shark tries to tag the minnows before they reach the wall on his side of the pool, which is base. Any minnow who is tagged becomes a shark.
  5. When all of the minnows have either reached the base or been turned into sharks, all of the sharks go to the other side of the pool and repeat the game.
  6. The last remaining minnow becomes the first shark the next time the game is played.


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