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Cub Scout Nutrition Game – Food Go Fish Game

Fitness is an important part of scouting programs. The Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos programs all include some requirement about nutrition. And this continues into Scouts BSA with the requirements for the First Class rank and merit badges. A Cub Scout nutrition game is a way to introduce these concepts to younger Scouts.

About a year ago, I came across this game on the USDA site. Use it with any of the requirements which reference the food pyramid or healthy food choices. I can’t find the link on their site anymore, but I did save a copy of it.

This is basically a go fish game with different types of food. I liked how the kids talked about the different types of food they saw on the cards. There were a couple of scouts who were even talking about if the food on the card should be something they eat often (a more healthy choice for the food group) or something they only eat occasionally (a less healthy choice). Even my den chiefs had some lively discussion about what was shown for the different food groups.

I wish I could come across the original page on the USDA site with the link to this, because there were some other great materials there also. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

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Printable copy of   Food Go Fish Game (includes instructions)


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