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Back to Cub Scouting

Our pack was in need of a Cubmaster. I waited because I didn’t want to take the position from one of the parents if they wanted it,. But since school is right around the corner and nobody had volunteered yet, I said that I would love to be Cubmaster. And just like that, I’m an empty nester who is back in Cub Scouting.

I used to look at the many Scouters who were still involved in Scouting long after their kids had aged out and be amazed that they were still putting in so much time. But now I know why.

My three younger sons just came home after spending their summer working at Cub Scout camp. They were full of stories about their summer adventures, but they also remembered the things we together did when they were Cub Scouts.

What I noticed was that these weren’t the sort memories you see on social media which put everything in a good light. Some of the things we remember most fondly are the times they got in trouble, or some of my epic fails, or the times we really struggled and finally managed to make it work.

Here are some of the things my family has learned together through our most memorable Scouting experiences:

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.
  • Failure is a good teacher and not to be feared.
  • We all make mistakes. Take responsibility, apologize, and try not to get in the same mess next time.
  • Be willing to unplug, get out of your comfort zone, and even be bored. This makes it easier to appreciate the little adventures God puts in front of us every day.
  • Whatever it is, it is more fun or a better experience if we work together.

So as my sons head off to college in the next couple of weeks, I understand why Scouters whose kids have been out of the program for years are still putting in time. We want to make it possible for other families to have the same adventures we did and learn some great lessons along the way.

I don’t know how long I will be Cubmaster. At some point there will be a parent who wants to do it, and I will step aside. Or I will not be able to continue for one reason or another. But for now I am going to enjoy being back in Cub Scouting and watching children grow and families grow closer.


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