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Bear Make It Move Adventure: Retired

BSA retired this adventure on May 31, 2022. This information remains here for historical purposes.

Bear Cub Scouts learn about forces and movement while working on the Make It Move adventure. The investigate how simple machines like pulleys and levers work.

Requirements for Bear Make It Move Adventure

Complete all of the following. Note: BSA is retiring this adventure on May 31, 2022.

  1. Create an “exploding” craft stick reaction
  2. Make two simple pulleys, and use them to move objects.
  3. Make a lever by creating a seesaw using a spool and a wooden paint stirrer. Explore the way it balances by placing different objects on each end.
  4. Complete one of the following:
    4A. Draw a Rube Goldberg–type machine. Include at least six steps to complete your action.
    4B. Construct a real Rube Goldberg–type machine to complete a task assigned by your den leader. Use at least two simple machines and include at least four steps.


Build a Simple Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist and engineer who drew elaborate contraptions to accomplish simple tasks. This article gives step-by-step details for creating a Rube Goldberg machine.


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