The 3 R’s of Personal Safety and Protection

The Three R’s of Personal Safety and Protection

  1. Recognize
  2. Resist
  3. Report

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Three youth to represent the 3 Rs of personal safety and protection.

Talking with youth about personal safety is important. BSA requires discussion of safety throughout it’s programs.  We don’t want to scare youth, but they should know what to do if they feel uncomfortable in a situation. The Three R’s of personal safety should be a part of that discussion. (See below.)

Parents are required to discuss safety with their children as part of the requirements for many levels of Scouting..

And for Second Class requirement 9, Scouts must explain the three R’s of personal safety. This is requirement does not have to be done with a parent. In fact, as a Second Class requirement, an appropriate setting would be to discuss this within a patrol with a Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, or other youth leader guiding the discussion.

More information about Youth Protection can be found on the BSA website.

The Three R’s of Personal Safety and Protection

1. Recognize

Recognize situations that place you at risk. This could be physical or emotional risk.

2. Respond

Respond appropriately for the level of risk involved. This might include removing oneself from the situation, resisting and saying “no,” or seeking help from a trusted adult or authority figure.

3. Report

Report what happened to a parent or other trusted adult. If serious harm could have occurred, the incident must also be reported to the local council and law enforcement.

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The Buddy System

Of all of the things they can do to keep themselves safe, none is more important than the buddy system. Read more.

Cyber Chip

The Cyber Chip portion can be completed online. The requirements depend on the age level:

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