Project COPE Ranger Elective Helps and Documents

Ranger Project COPE

To complete the Project COPE elective for the Venturing Ranger award, Venturers must complete a BSA COPE course, attend a COPE director’s course, or participate in an outdoor education course.

COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. COPE courses usually involve team building activities combined with high and low ropes courses.

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for Project COPE Ranger Elective

Printable checkoff sheet for Project COPE Ranger Elective

Printable note sheet for Project COPE Ranger Elective

Here are some related helps, ideas, and achievements for the Project COPE Ranger Elective:

COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) Program Feature for Scouts BSA

The COPE feature teaches Scouts to go beyond their comfort zones They develop self esteem by facing challenges individually and as a member of a team.

Venturing Ranger Award Helps and Documents

The Venturing Ranger Award is available to all young men and women who are registered Venturers. This is the high adventure award for Venturers. A Venturer who earns the Ranger Award has shown that he or she is ready to live life to the fullest and is prepared for all types of situations.

Teaching Others – BSA Methods of Scouting for Venturers

The methods of Scouting are the ways that Scouting’s aims of developing character, citizenship, and fitness in youth are achieved. One of the methods for Venturers is “teaching others”. Teaching others is the best way to really acquire deep knowledge of an area. By sharing their skills with others, Venturers retain their knowledge better and provide service to others

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