First Aid Ranger Elective Helps and Documents

ranger first aid elective

To complete the First Aid elective for the Venturing Ranger award, Venturers must put together a personal first aid kit and teach others how to put a kit together. They must also take an emergency first aid course, emergency response course, or EMT course.

Note: This is the Ranger First Aid Elective. It is different than the Ranger First Aid Core Requirement.

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for First Aid Ranger Elective

Printable checkoff sheet for First Aid Ranger Elective

Printable note sheet for First Aid Ranger Elective

Here are some related helps, ideas, and achievements for the First Aid Ranger Elective:

National Outdoor Awards – Adventure Segment Requirements

To complete the requirements for the National Outdoor Award Adventure Segment, a Scout or Venturer must learn to be prepared during outdoor adventures. He or she must also complete a challenging backpacking, paddling, sailing, climbing, or other high-adventure activity. See the specifics , along with some related helps and awards.

First Aid Ranger Core Requirement Helps and Documents

First Aid is one of the core requirements for the Venturing Ranger award. To earn this award, a Venture must complete an American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid course or the equivalent.

First Aid Program Feature for Scouts BSA Troops

The focus of the First Aid troop program feature is learning to assess an emergency and practical first aid skills.

Blister Treatment – First Aid

Blisters are a common injury for outdoor and physical activities. Correct blister treatment can prevent further irritation. Learn blister first aid.

Avoiding Hypothermia During Cold Weather Activities

Avoiding hypothermia is key to a successful outdoor activity in cold weather, be it camping, hiking, skiing, ice skating, or snowman building.

Venturing Ranger Award Helps and Documents

The Venturing Ranger Award is available to all young men and women who are registered Venturers. This is the high adventure award for Venturers. A Venturer who earns the Ranger Award has shown that he or she is ready to live life to the fullest and is prepared for all types of situations.

Teaching Others – BSA Methods of Scouting for Venturers

The methods of Scouting are the ways that Scouting’s aims of developing character, citizenship, and fitness in youth are achieved. One of the methods for Venturers is “teaching others”. Teaching others is the best way to really acquire deep knowledge of an area. By sharing their skills with others, Venturers retain their knowledge better and provide service to others

Kim’s Game with Items for a Home First Aid Kit

Kim’s game is a traditional Scouting game which was introduced by Sir Robert Baden-Powell. It is based on a game described by Rudyard Kipling. This version of the game helps Scouts learn what should be in a home first aid kit.

First Aid Baseball Game

First aid baseball is a fun way to review first aid skills with Scouts BSA and Webelos. There are instructions for the game and a set of question cards included in the printable file.

Homemade Sports Drink Powder Recipe

Sports drinks like Gatorade or Power Aid are designed to replenish the water and salt your body loses when you are active or exercising. You can mix up your own homemade sports drink powder to accomplish this for a fraction of the cost of purchasing these drinks by the bottle.

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