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Up and Away Scouts BSA Nova Award (Fluid Dynamics)

Note: The Nova program is administered at the Council level. Check with your local council about availability before starting on a Nova award.

About the Up and Away Nova Award

The Up and Away Nova Award for Scouts BSA delves into the realm of fluid dynamics, exploring how fluids like liquids, gases, and plasmas behave and interact with other materials. Scouts engage in various activities and educational endeavors to earn this award.

Scouts BSA Nova Award

Through watching documentaries, reading articles, or a combination of both, Scouts learn about fluid dynamics. They discuss their observations and questions with counselors, fostering critical thinking and communication skills.

Scouts also choose and complete a related merit badge, such as Aviation or Oceanography, deepening their understanding of fluid dynamics in specific contexts.

Activities like investigating terminal velocity, testing fluid dynamics in liquids and gases, and developing a parachute delivery system allow Scouts to apply theoretical knowledge practically. These hands-on experiences enhance their problem-solving abilities and scientific inquiry skills.

Additionally, Scouts have the opportunity to visit research facilities, museums, or wind tunnel facilities to further explore flight and fluid dynamics concepts. These experiences broaden their perspectives and expose them to real-world applications of fluid dynamics principles.

By reflecting on how fluid dynamics impacts everyday life, Scouts gain a deeper appreciation for the subject and its relevance. This Nova Award encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and practical skills development, enriching the scouting experience for participants.

This Up and Away Nova award can be earned by young men and women who are members of Scouts BSA.


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