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Mendel’s Minions Scouts BSA Nova Award (Genetic Science)

Note: The Nova program is administered at the Council level. Check with your local council about availability before starting on a Nova award.

About the Mendel’s Minions Scouts BSA Nova Award

The Mendel’s Minions Nova Award offered by Scouts BSA delves into the realm of genetics and genomics, providing scouts with an opportunity to explore how genetic information impacts their daily lives. Through a series of educational activities and experiences, scouts gain valuable insights into the fascinating world of genetics and its applications.

Scouts BSA Nova Award

Scouts have the option to engage in various learning methods, including watching documentaries, reading articles, or a combination of both. They are encouraged to ask questions and discuss ideas with their counselors, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Completing a related merit badge, such as Animal Science or Gardening, allows scouts to deepen their understanding of genetic components within specific fields. This hands-on approach enhances their practical knowledge and encourages further exploration.

Through activities like teaching genetic inheritance to their peers, extracting DNA, growing pea plants, and creating models of DNA, scouts gain practical experience and develop a deeper understanding of genetic concepts.

Additionally, scouts have the opportunity to explore ethical considerations surrounding genetic topics and present reports on various genetic-related topics, broadening their understanding of the field’s complexities.

Visiting places where genetic information is utilized, such as biotechnology companies or research labs, provides scouts with real-world insights into how genetic information is applied in different industries. This firsthand experience enriches their understanding of the practical applications of genetics.

By reflecting on how genetics and genomics impact their daily lives and considering future implications, scouts gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of genetic information in shaping the world around them. This Nova Award equips scouts with valuable knowledge and skills that are relevant to both their personal lives and potential future endeavors in science and beyond.

This Mendel’s Minions Nova award can be earned by young men and women who are members of Scouts BSA.


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